Inspiring Children To Have Fun Chinese Learning Experience

Mei Ya Si Yuan Chinese School, is a multi-faceted Mandarin language and Chinese Cultural learning center. Based in San Jose, CA, we give our best effort to inspire students learn Chinese lessons through our Chinese classes. Our multi-faceted Chinese Art Class not only helps students learn Chinese but also engages them into playful activities in a relaxed environment. Our Chinese cultural classes are unique as it includes complete lessons for children of all cultural backgrounds, who wish to learn Chinese with flexible and fun incorporated activities.

At Mei Ya Si Yuan Chinese School, what is worth mentioning is that our Mandarin Chinese Classes are pretty engaging and are tailored in a way that is easily apprehensible. With years of experience in Mandarin and Chinese teaching, we know what it takes to deliver the best language learning program for your kids. Students at our facility learn at faster pace and get fascinated with every fresh aspect of Chinese language.

At our Chinese Art Class, we treat your children as our own. We provide an optimal learning environment for students to grow and reach their full potential. With a vision to make learning absolute fun, our Chinese Mandarin teacher ensures each and every child is involved in a robust educational experience. We also provide affordable personalized teaching programs for elementary students and students of varied age groups. Our dedicated Mandarin Chinese tutor is available to offer different levels of Mandarin Chinese language classes.

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